An American Christmas Carol DVD

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  • Cast: Henry Winkler, David Wayne, Chris Wiggins, R.H. Thompson, Kenneth Pogue, Susan Hogan, Dorian Harewood, Gerard Parkes
  • Director: Eric Till
  • Producer: Jerome Coopersmith
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 96 mins.
  • Region Code: 1
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An American Christmas Carol

Benedict Slade is a heartless, ruthless finance company president in New England during the Depression Era. His favorite thing to do is repossess the most prized goods of his debtors, and he does it without mercy. When he fires his faithful (and more loving) assistant Thatcher on Christmas Eve he completes his work of shattering Christmas good cheer and joy. That night, alone in his apartment, the wealthy buisnessman is visited by three ghosts-- Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future-- who reveal the hard truths about his life and teach him the real meaning of Christmas. An American Christmas Carol takes a new twentieth century twist on the beloved Christmas story by Charles Dickens. With an all star cast including Henry Winkler and Chris Wiggins, An American Christmas Carol breathes new life into a classic Christmas tale.

A New Twist On A Timeless Tale

Although the film An American Christmas Carol is based on the story "The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens" it takes a new twist on the old tale. Take the main character Benedict Slade (played by Henry Winkler) for example. Like the miserly Scrooge from the classic story Benedict Slade is known for being a heartless greedy man. Not only is he a miserly, penny pinching, greedy, Christmas crushing shell of a man, but he also takes great pleasure in ruining the Christmas dreams of his debtors-- that is if he does not turn them out of their house. It would be safe to say that Benedict Slade from An American Christmas Carol has more enemies than he has friends. The closest thing Benedict Slade has to a friend is his faithful assistant Thatcher (played by Chris Wiggins). Unlike his heartless boss, Thatcher has a tender side. He may be dependable and faithful to Slade, but he also tries to speak up and help the otherwise miserable debtors of Benedict Slade. In fact, when Thatcher has to travel out into town to repossess items for Benidct Slade, he actually looks somewhat miserable. Benedict Slade puts up with the soft spot in Thatchers heart, until the day of Christmas Eve, when Thatcher asks him if he would consider re-opening a shop to help a the starving family and provide jobs for unemployed workers. That is the last straw for Benedict Slade, and he promptly fires his trustworthy assistant-- even though it is Christmas Eve. Without any concern or thoughts of remorse, Benedict Slade returns home that evening. He is soon visited however by three Christmas spirits-- the ghost of Christmas Past, the ghost of Christmas Present, and the ghost of Christmas Future. Will the lessons the ghosts deliver strike home, or will the cold heart of Benedict Slade remain as frozen and cheerless as ever before?

Valuable Themes

Besides being fun entertainment, the film An American Christmas Carol holds many valuable themes and lessons viewers of all ages can learn from. Without a doubt Benedict Slade is a wonderful role model of what not to do. He is heartless, not compassionate, greedy, cruel, unkind, impatient, and unforgiving. Thankfully, however, he receives consequences for these poor choices and character qualities, and throughout the film viewers can be reminded that these types of attitudes will not get you anywhere in the long run, you will only make others miserable, and ultimately you will make yourself miserable as well. Thatcher's compassion and kind heart are applauded, and viewers can learn courage from his fearless attempt to speak out for those who have no voice in front of his terrifying boss. From the film An American Christmas Carol viewers can learn that kindness, compassion, and generosity will ultimately make you the happiest in life, and that Christmas joy and good cheer cannot be halted no matter what kind of grump or Scrooge or Benedict Slade terrorizes the people.

The Classic A Christmas Carol

The film An American Christmas Carol is based on the classic story A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Much like in the film An American Christmas Carol the classic story features a hard hearted, greedy villain (Scrooge) who terrorizes the town and takes advantage of his humble assistant Bob Cratchet whose poverty stricken family includes a tiny crippled boy named Tiny Tim. Scrooge is also visited by three Christmas spirits and ultimately must make the decision whether to stay a cruel man, or become a generous loving individual instead. Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" is set in nineteenth century London, and was partially inspired by some of Dicken's own childhood experiences.


Whether you enjoy the classic story "A Christmas Carol" and are looking for a new twist on the story, or are simply seeking out an enjoyable Christmas film with a message An American Christmas Carol is sure to entertain the entire family. With themes focusing on the importance of generosity and compassion for the poor, as well as kindness and considering the needs of others, An American Christmas Carol is a wonderful reminder to look outside your own life during the Christmas season and help someone in need. The story of Benedict Slade serves as a valuable reminder that sometimes all of us need a reminder to look beyond ourselves and consider how we are effecting the world, and a wonderful encouragement that even the most broken of people can be transformed. The new take on a classic Christmas tale in An American Christmas Carol is sure to entertain the entire family as much as Dicken's beloved story.

An American Christmas Carol has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. This film received the "Family Approved" award for ages twelve and up from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film An American Christmas Carol is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.

If you enjoyed this twentieth century twist on the classic Christmas story, perhaps you will enjoy the original story by Charles Dickens in A Christmas Carol.

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