Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge DVD

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  • Cast: Jeff Allen, Taylor Mason, Ron Pearson
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 62 Minutes
  • Subtitles: English
  • Region Code: 1
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Acts of Comedy Teenagers are God's Revenge | Christian Movie, Film & DVD

Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge


Get ready to laugh, because here comes some of Christian comedy's biggest stars in Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge! From parenting to the difference between men and women's bicycles, and everything in between, join Jeff Allen, Taylor Mason, Ron Pearsonand many more as they talk, sing, and laugh their way out of many of life's situations. It can be very easy to be discouraged by the world or with life in general. These films are designed to help uplift and encourage you in your walk. These hilarious comedians point out some of life's funniest quirks and moments, bringing together a hilarious DVD full of unforgettable antics and comedic moments.


The Comedy


Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge features many, many talented (and hilarious) comedians, with a heart for family friendly entertainment. Jeff Allen enlightens the world one audience at a time by explaining why teenagers are God's revenge on mankind. Taylor Mason composes and preforms blues songs on the spot. Ron Pearson will demonstrate life with his "juggling life"å? routine. Including comedians Jeff Allen, Kenn Kington, David Pendleton, Tim Hawkins, Comedian Bone, John Branyan, Taylor Mason, Robert G. Lee, Ken Davis, Michael Joiner, Mike Williams, Daren Streblow, Ron Pearson and Paul Aldrich, with talents ranging from singing, juggling, improv, impressions, and much more Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge will have the entire family rolling on the floor in laughter. The DVD also includes special bonus interviews with each comedian, as they share their views on faith and the importance of laughter. With something for everyone, and good clean entertainment, Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge will make for the perfect family movie night, with plenty of laughter.


Jeff Allen - Inspirational Comedian


One of the many comedians on Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge, Jeff Allen grew up in the 1950s the son of a poor painter. Searching for work, Jeff began his comedy career in 1978 in the comedy clubs of Chicago. Frustrated by the lack of money and respect, Jeff turned to drugs and alcohol, both of which the self-proclaimed atheist used heavily. In 1987 after years of struggling, Jeff became sober, and ten years later he became a Christian. His personal transformation, transformed his comedy as well, and he began working to produce clean, family friendly fun. Since becoming a Christian, Jeff has donated much of his time and gifts to many humanitarian organizations, helping the needy, homeless, orphans, widows, and those escaping human trafficking. Besides Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge, Jeff has been involved in many other full length comedy films including Bananas, Thou Shalt Laugh, Apostles of Comedy, and Apostles of Comedy: Onwards and Upwards. Jeff lives in Tennessee with his wife (they have two kids), and tours the country making families laugh together.


Taylor Mason - Athlete Turned Ventriloquist


Taylor Mason is yet another of the amazing comedians featured on Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge. The son of a radio broadcaster, Taylor fell in love with show business at a young age when he tagged along with his father to his job. It took him awhile to discover what route it would take, however. In high school Taylor was a star athlete, so naturally in college he played varsity football for his school-- the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During his junior season, however, Taylor suffered a knee injury that led to his entire first semester being encased in an ankle to hip cast. Looking for something to pass the time, Taylor began preforming as a disc jockey and comedian for dances across the campus. Two years later, when he graduated with degrees in agriculture and communication, Taylor was a favorite across campus for his jokes and music. During this time in college, Taylor picked up an old boyhood skill-- ventriloquism-- which he combined with his natural talent for music an comedy to create a one man show.


After college Taylor worked in several Chicago piano bars, using his skills in music and ventriloquism to entertain customers. In 1981 he was hired as the musical director for the Second City Touring Company. During his time with them, Taylor picked up improvisational comedy-- a skill that would come in useful later in life. In 1982 Taylor went back to school for a degree in Advertising, and the next few years were filled with marriage, school, children show business, management of different theater companies, and building his own show. Currently Mason travels the country preforming his family friendly comedy-- including ventriloquism and music-- making everyone feel young at heart. Taylor Mason's work has been included on other comedy films besides Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge including Bananas and Thou Shalt Laugh.




Every comedian on Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge has their own special twists and tricks that make their comedy unique and exciting. They all have one thing in common, however-- it is all clean. Each comedian has a heart to create entertainment the entire family can enjoy together without any hands over the little one's ears, and they each succeed! Whether five or ninety-five, everyone will enjoy the funny viewpoints these comedians offer on everyday life. With a few special tricks tossed in for fun-- music, ventriloquism, juggling, and unicycles to name a few-- the whole family will enjoy laughing together with Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge.


Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. The family friendly nature of this DVD, is generally acceptable for most ages. As always, it is recommend that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Acts of Comedy: Teenagers Are God's Revenge is considered appropriate for most audiences.


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