10 Movie Faith and Family Holiday Pack 3 DVD Set

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  • Release Date: 10/14/09
  • Run Time: 875 mins.
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10 Movie Faith and Family Holiday Pack 3 DVD Set

Get ready for a whirlwind of Christmas heart and adventure in this exciting new collection of 10 Christmas films. If you're looking for a vast collection of Christmas movies to keep you entertained and to help you get into the Christmas spirit, you'll love this collection of 10 Christmas movies in our 10 Movie Faith and Family Holiday Pack 3 DVD Set. Featuring some of the greatest Christmas movies ever made, this collection will keep you busy for hours on end. With 875 minutes of pure Christmas joy, this collection will help get you and your family ready for the Christmas season. You'll be amazed by these incredible stories of true Christmas joy, spirit, and love, and it's certain to help you better celebrate the season. So, come along for the ride, at this unbelievable price as you receive 10 quality Christmas movies to help ring in the festivities this Christmas season!

The 10 Movie Faith and Family Holiday Pack 3 DVD Set contains the following feature-length flims:

The Christmas Shoes -- Starring Rob Lowe and based on the hit song and book, this adaptation to film features one of the most touching Christmas stories ever penned. This film follows the journey of a young boy to buy his mother some special shoes for Christmas. This young boy, by the name of Nathan learns that his mother is ill and may not have much longer to live. And so, he's determined to make this the perfect Christmas for her as he does everything in his power to make sure she gets her special Christmas shoes before it's too late.

The Christmas Blessing -- A direct sequel to The Christmas Shoes, The Christmas Blessing is another film included in the 10 Movie Faith and Family Holiday Pack 3 DVD Set. This film stars Neil Patrick Harris, playing a grown-up Nathan. Having chosen to pursue a career in medicine, Nathan encounters a tragic event that threatens to end his career as a doctor. But when he returns to his home and ends up falling in love, he's faced with an even bigger choice, that will change the path of his future forever.

The Christmas Hope -- Christmas Hope is the third film in the Christmas Shoes series, with each film being based on a book by Donna VanLiere in her Christmas novel series. This film follows Patricia and Mark Addison, a family who find themselves deep in distraught after the loss of their son. They try to begin their life anew, but find it incredibly impossible to start life over again without their son. They try to cope with the death of their son by helping other parentless children find homes and families. And when Patricia meets a nine year old girl named Emily, she thinks she knows exactly where this young girl belongs.

The Christmas Pageant -- Meet Vera Parks, a demanding and intense director on Broadway that gets fired from her job. No matter what she does, it seems that she cannot seem to maintain a steady job because of her demanding and overbearing personality. After getting fired from her job once more, she decides to travel to upstate New York where she takes on a very small job directing a Christmas pageant. Once she arrives, she is overwhelmed with how low the quality of the production is, far from what she's used to on Broadway. After trying to back out, she is convinced to give it a try and continue working on the production. As she meets with the people and begins to fall in love, will she begin to tame down a little and work through to create an incredible production?

The Gift of the Magi - a delightful retelling of the Gift of the Magi classic story, this film follows Della and Jim as they journey through life with a lot of love"_ and not a lot of money. When they're unable to come up with enough money to even buy each other the right Christmas presents, they go through a series of misunderstandings that ultimately break them apart. But will their friends be able to remind them of their love for each other before it's too late?

The Christmas Choir -- Based on a true story, this film follows Peter Andrews, a quiet and meek accountant who doesn't have much interest in Christmas and would much rather spend his time working for himself. Because of his obsession with his work, he finds himself shutting other people out of his life. Even his fiance begins to question whether she really wants to marry him. But as Peter's life and friends begin to drift away, he is encouraged by one of his few remaining friends to start"_ of all things"_ a choir!

Christmas Comes Home to Canaan -- Daniel has a son named Bobber who needs orthopedic surgery and physical therapy desperately after a car accident. But they don't have the money to go through with it! Once they're finally able to pay for the surgery, Daniel meets Briony Adair, a physical therapist who falls for Daniel as well. He invites Briony back to Canaan for Christmas. Will they fall for each other or allow other things to tear them apart?

Christmas in Canaan -- With racial issues segregating the people of Texas in the 1960s, two unlikely ten year old boys become fast friends. As they grow up, the struggles of the civil rights movement threaten to tear their relationship apart. Will they be able to see each other for who they really are, or will they be driven apart by outside influences?

The Christmas Box -- An owner of a ski-shop decides to move him, his wife, and his daughter into a large home where they can help be assistance to a struggling older widow. But as he struggles to balance both his work life and home life, he begins to have dreams about a very special Christmas angel.

A Christmas Visitor -- A family struggles with Christmas and hasn't celebrated it in over a decade after they lose their son the the Persian Gulf War. Will they be able to see the miracle in front of them this Christmas? Or will they continue to live depressed and in perpetual grief?

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