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The Moment After 2 DVD

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The Moment After 2 DVD
Video Rating
Release Date : Jan 1, 1970
Run Time : 93 minutes
Subtitles : English, English SDH, Portugese
Languages : English and Portuguese
Fishflix Stock No : LM1613002
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List Price : $14.99

Price : $3.99

You Save : $11.00 (73%)

Availability: In stock
Availability: In stock
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The Moment After 2: The Awakening - Followup to the Apocalyptic Hit The Moment After


The Moment After 2: The Awakening is the continuation of The Moment After. Featuring returning cast members David A.R. White and Kevin Downes, this movie continues their saga. Picking up from where the last movie left off, Adam Riley makes a dramatic escape from death row and is able to reunite with his old mentor and friend Jacob Krause. Krause is the leader of The Way, a small remnant of Christians working together to survive in the end times. However, they begin to discover that the stakes are high and there are powerful forces out seeking them down to destroy them.

Meanwhile, the Global Alliance leader Commander Fredericks has taken Adam’s old partner Charles Baker in and is now forcing him to seek out the militia and take them down. The tension continues to build as Commander Fredericks goes toe to toe with militia leader Captain Jackson. As events build into an explosive climax, everyone will be forced to pick their side and stand up for what they believe in. The Awakening has finally begun. In the age of the end times, everyone must be forced to stand up for what they believe in as the battle for their souls begins.

Behind the Scenes

The Moment After 2: The Awakening is a direct-to-video movie that was released in 2006 as a sequel to The Moment After. In this post-rapture film, we follow two former FBI agents in their journey to survive in the end times. This movie was directed by Wes Llewellyn and was produced by Bobby Downes, Brad Heller, Kevin Downes, and David A.R. White. It was featured at two Christian film festivals, the Merrimack Valley Christian Film Festival and the Greater Orlando Christian Film Festival. Produced by Signal Hill Pictures, this was one of the first works by two men who would become well-known in the Christian film industry, Kevin Downes and David A.R. White.

David A.R. White

David A.R. White has become well-known for both acting in and producing many different Christian movies. The Moment After was one of his very first films, and since then he has gone on to become the president of Pure Flix Entertainment, and has appeared in numerous Christian movies. He may be most well known for having played the part of the pastor in God’s Not Dead and God’s Not Dead 2. He is married to Andrea Logan White, who has appeared in several Christian movies, sometimes alongside him. She appeared in In the Blink of An Eye, where David and his wife Andrea were able to play an on-screen husband and wife.

White has helped to grow PureFlix Entertainment into one of the biggest Christian movie producers and has continued to find success with recent films like God’s Not Dead, Do You Believe?, Faith of our Fathers, and others. In 2011, he appeared in Jerusalem Countdown, and followed up a year later with a role in Brother White. He was also able to play a lead role in the 2015 PureFlix film Faith of our Fathers, appearing alongside Kevin Downes there as well.

Kevin Downes

Kevin Downes has appeared in a number of Christian movies in addition to his role in The Moment After 2: The Awakening. Most notably, he appeared in the Kendrick Brothers movie Courageous playing one of the police officers named Shane. He has over 15 years of experience in writing, directing, acting, and producing, and has been able to use his talents for God in producing and acting in Christian movies. He is also the younger brother of Bobby Downes, a key individual in helping grow the Christian film industry.

Downes has appeared in numerous Christian movies, dating all the way back to The Crossing in 1994. He appeared in the Moment After series, Time Changer,  Six: The Mark Unleashed, and Mom’s Night Out. Downes and White were able to collaborate together, playing the two main characters in the recent PureFlix film Faith of our Fathers.

The Moment After

Before you watch the sequel film, we recommend you check out the original movie, The Moment After. Before The Moment After 2: The Awakening, Adam Riley (played by David A.R. White) and his friend Charles Baker (Kevin Downes) are FBI agents working together. They begin working together on a case involving missing people. They are given a list of people who they must talk to and try and figure out where these people disappeared to.

Things begin to heat up and people begin to realize these aren’t ordinary events. Things are ramping up and it becomes increasingly apparent that it is now the end of the world. The disappearances are no ordinary events. They weren’t kidnapped or taken by someone… They simple vanished – they were raptured to Heaven! The president makes a statement soon after informing the world that they will recover from recent events. He informs them about plans to transfer to a one-world currency and the introduction of a “B-chip”. This device, that will be implanted in your arm acts as a credit card and ID chip of sorts. However, astute viewers understand that this is the mark of the beast, a telling sign that the end is near.

In The Moment After, Adam and Charles must decide who to trust and must make choices that mean the difference between life and death. As they begin to learn the truth, they must decide whether to step in line and do as they’re told or stand up for what they believe in.


The Moment After 2: The Awakening is a thrilling sequel worthy of the original. Featuring two popular Christian movie actors David A.R. White and Kevin Downes, this end-times thiller is a remarkable take on what will happen in the end. There has been much speculation as to what the end times are going to look like, with several books and movies being created on the subject, like the Left Behind Series. The Moment After 2: The Awakening is a unique and intense look at what might happen at the end of the world. 

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All paths lead to an exploive confrontation about the real stuggle... the struggle for an awakening.

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  2. The Moment After 2 DVD
    Enjoyable Review by Rhonda

    I love Christian movies. I have seen better and I have seen far worse. This is not a bad movie at all actually. It was very enjoyable. However, if you don't watch the first one, you will not grasp what's going on. So it's recommend that the you watch the first one.

    The really downside is that this has no final ending...and a third one has not been made. (Posted on 11/10/15)

""And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen.""---I Peter 5:10