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Louie Giglio: The Complete Collection 6 DVD Set

Buy Christian Movies on FishFlix.com | Louie Giglio The Complete Collection 6 DVD Set

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Price : $37.97

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Availability: Out of stock?
Availability: Out of stock?
Louie Giglio: The Complete Collection 6 DVD Set
Release Date : Mar 3, 2015
Run Time : 19 hours
Cast : Louie Giglio
Director : Louie Giglio
Producer : Passion Talk Series
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List Price : $49.99

Price : $37.97

You Save : $12.02 (24%)

Availability: Out of stock?
Availability: Out of stock?
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Christian Movies: Louie Giglio The Complete Collection 6 DVD Set

Louie Giglio: The Complete Collection 6 DVD Set        

This complete collection includes all 9 of Louie Giglio’s speakings. Containing 19 hours of incredible footage, it also includes a group discussion guide. This collection works great for any size group of people that want to challenge themselves and learn more about Jesus. Across the country it used effectively in churches, small groups or Bible studies on a weekly basis.

As one of the most highly accomplished pastors and speakers in the world, Louie is continually acknowledged for his ability to communicate. He spends his weekends not only preaching at his home church campus of Passion City Church, but also making guest experiences at across the country. His love for Jesus and honor for God is visible in each of his sermons. This incredible set of Christian DVDs is an amazing buy. It gives viewers the ability to connect with God on a deeper level and experience his love and mercy through the teachings of an incredible pastor.

Louie Giglio

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Louie Giglio now resides in Roswell, Georgia. He is currently the lead pastor and founder of Passion City Church. He graduated from Georgia State University. After obtaining his undergraduate, he got his Master of Theology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Forth Worth, Texas. After completing seminary, he and his wife began to lead a Bible study. The study, named Choice, met every week and was held at Baylor University. Eventually, over 10% of the students at Baylor were attending. He then obtained his doctorate in ministry from Grace Theological Seminary. Because of his father’s worsening health, he and his wife then moved back to Atlanta, Georgia from Waco, Texas.

Giglio has given many talks and has written many well-loved books. He is the author of The Air I Breathe: Worship as a Way of Life, I am Not but I Know I am: Welcome to the Story of God and The Comeback. Some of his most famous talks include “Indescribable” and “How Great is our God” and very specifically his “Laminin” clip from that message. Campuses, churches and people from all over the world listen to his talks on a weekly basis. Many of his talks are included on Louie Giglio: The Complete Collection 6 DVD Set.

After hosting the weekly Bible Study at Baylor, Louie has continued his passion for university student and their faith. Ever since 1995, his church has held conferences that in total have reached almost a million college aged kids. Some of his most active conferences are “One Day 2000,” which host 40,000 students for a prayer gathering and worship, and the Passion World Tour. In 2008, the Passion World Tour lead events across the United States and world. It reached cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and Washington D.C. People come from long ways to have the opportunity to listen to such a powerful and life changing speaker.

In collaboration with Sparrow Records, Louie and his wife also run a record company called sixsteprecords. They produce artists such as Chris Tomlin, Crowder, Matt Redman, Kirstian Stanfill, and Passion who are all very active in their church home and events. Their incredible music combined with Louie’s amazing speaking is bringing people closer to Jesus Christ through very powerful worship.

Disc One

Disc One includes the features of Indescribable, How Great is our God, Symphony (I Lift My Hands), and the Twelve Words of Christmas. These talks bring the word to life as Louie not only explores religion, but also science. The sermons go deep into the cells of what makes us who we are and discovers incredible details of an intricate part of who we are: Leminin. Combining science with religion is a powerful and heavy task that he takes on well. The overlap of what we can prove and we believe does some pretty incredible things.

Disc Two

Disc Two includes the talks of Moved by Mercy and New Year. Among these talks the scenes include: God is for You and Your Part in His Plan. Speaking about God’s plan for our lives, Giglio helps viewers understand what God sees in them and what their place is in the world. Each and every one of us is beautifully and wonderfully made and that is such an important lesson to be reminded of through the compassionate words of Louie Giglio.

Disc Three

The Third disc of Louie Giglio: The Complete Collection 6 DVD Set includes the talk titled Prayer: Remix. This talks includes sections titled: Who’s Blessing Whom? Supernatural Life Inside, and The Prayer God Always Answers. This disc includes powerful preaching as Giglio teaches on the Holy Spirit, prayer and how we interact with our Heavenly Father. He speaks of blessings, supernatural life and about what our lives look like when we put God first.

Disc Four

Disc Four includes the feature of Grace [The One and Only]. This talk discusses Two Impossibilities One Story, Not Ashamed, Full Pool, The Gospel According to Tupperware and Work It Out. The variety of topics in this discussion all revolve around grace. The grace of God is truly an incredible thing. The mercy of God is working wonders and changing lives every day. As viewers are reminded of this beauty and encouraged to seek, experience, and give God-like grace, their lives can be changed with this very important and moving message.

Disc Five/Disc Six

Disc Five is the first of a two-disc talk. It is titled Boy Meets Girl. The topics on the first disc include In The Beginning, Pulling Together or Drifting Apart, and Still Dating Dad. The sixth disc is the second portion of the talk Boy Meets Girl. There are three scenes included. They are Waiting Here for You Part One, Waiting Here for You Part Two, and the Marriage Myth. This two-disc talk is all about relationships. When seeking a boyfriend, girlfriend, or future spouse there are important things to remember. Louie touches base on what the center of a successful relationship is and the value of waiting for the person God has for your live.

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ll of Louie Giglio's talks from the Passion Talk Series and the Passion City Church Resources Series, IN ONE COLLECTION!

    -How Great is Our God
    -Symphony I Lift My Hands
    -The Twelve Words of Christmas
#2-Moved by Mercy
    -New Year
#3-Prayer Remix
#4-Grace The One and Only
#5-Boy Meets Girl 1-3
#6 -Boy Meets Girl 4-6

Latest Reviews for -Louie Giglio: The Complete Collection 6 DVD Set
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  2. Louie Giglio: The Complete Collection 6 DVD Set
    Wonderful speaker not afraid to share his faith and love for God Review by Linda

    I bought a set of Louie Giglio tapes for a man who is searching but isn't quite sure about God. He has a very analytical and scientific type mind. I truly believe these tapes will help him know there is a God and that Jesus Christ is the only way to have a relationship with God. I have a set of the same tapes and I enjoy them so much. (Posted on 5/2/16)

  3. Louie Giglio: The Complete Collection 6 DVD Set
    Supurb Review by Wanda

    Louie Giglio shares his faith with such love and his messages have a great impact on lives. These will be shared with my whole family. (Posted on 9/16/15)

"Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you."---Job 22:21