Buck Denver Asks Why Do We Call It Christmas? DVD

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  • Director: Phil Vischer VeggieTales Creator
  • Producer: Phil Vischer VeggieTales Creator
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Run Time: 60 min
  • Subtitles: English
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Buck Denver Asks Why Do We Call It Christmas?

Have you ever pondered just why we call December 25th Christmas? Or better yet, why we have Christmas on December 25th of all days? Why do we celebrate on this day? These are just a few of the many questions that the gang from What's in the Bible begin to ponder. And as they do, they stumble across many more questions that make them question many things about the way they celebrate Christmas. Things begin to pop up, like why do we have Santa Claus? Who is he and what significance does he have? Is the day really all about Santa or is it all about Jesus? Questions arise about Jesus' birth arise and everybody wants to know just what Christmas is really all about. Looking to people like Sunday School Lady for the answers, she decides to throw a big party for the whole gang, an education "Christmical" party that everyone can come to and learn all about just what Christmas means. This can be a difficult question and it's one that many different people wonder about. This fun and education DVD for your children is a wonderful film that shows just what Christmas is all about and how we can celebrate it. If your children are excited for Christmas, but maybe don't fully understand what it's about or are distracted by the ideas of the presents and the arrival of Santa Claus, Buck Denver Asks Why Do We Call it Christmas? Is a fantastic film full of songs and lessons that will help your children to understand the message of the Bible and help them see just how important the message of Christ coming down to earth is. Christmas is a wonderful season full of exciting messages and opportunities. Help your child get a deeper meaning of the season this year by giving them Buck Denver Asks Why Do We Call it Christmas?

Created by the VeggieTales Creator

Buck Denver Asks Why Do We Call it Christmas? Is a spinoff of the popular show What's in the Bible? A series of videos that walks your child through the Bible cover to cover. Along the way, you'll learn important lessons from the puppets and you'll come to understand all of the messages and stories that God laid out for us in the Bible. Journey from Genesis all the way to Revelation with Buck Denver, Phil Vischer, Sunday School Lady, Michael, and many other wonderful puppet friends. Your children will love this colorful, exciting, and engaging series as they explore the many truths and words of God as found in the Bible. You as a parent may even learn some new things about the history behind the Bible and the countless stories inside it. What's in the Bible was created by longtime Children's television entertainer Phil Vischer, who co-founded the popular series VeggieTales with Mike Nawrocki.

VeggieTales is a series that obviously needs no introduction. If you've ever researched children's Christian media, VeggieTales is always at the top of the list -- and for good reason! The show is just that good. VeggieTales is a wonderful and engaging series also created by Phil Vischer that follows a colorful cast of vegetables as they go on magnificent journeys and tell amazing stories, all inside of their vegetable world. These fun little hosts will teach your children everything you could possibly imagine about the Bible and will teach your children important life lessons along the way. Follow along with Bob, Larry, Junior and the gang as they explore God's world and discover new and exciting lessons along the way! Buck Denver Asks Why Do We Call it Christmas? Is one of the latest holiday titles from creator Phil Vischer, and it's an excellent foray into the world of teaching kids of all ages the essentials of Christmas. It's very easy for children to get bogged down in the message of Santa and the thoughts of presents soon to come. But Buck Denver Asks Why Do We Call it Christmas? Is an important reminder that there is a deeper meaning behind the Christmas season and that there is more to it than simply presents and Santa. One man by the name of Jesus Christ came down and died for us so that we could be saved! And December 25th is traditionally the day we celebrate his birth.

But Why?

Buck Denver Asks Why Do We Call it Christmas? Takes these important lessons an extra step, not only explaining what Christmas is all about, but why we celebrate and why all of the things we do during Christmastime symbolize Jesus' birth. The whole What's in the Bible gang has several questions. Why do we have a Christmas tree? What's important about December 25th? Why did Jesus have such a humble beginning? What does it all mean? The gang is all confused by these many different questions, but together they and your child will learn the significance of everything Christmas and come to better understand just what it all means! This incredible series by Phil Vischer is not only educational, it's inspirational. It will help your children to embrace the season and encourage them to remember what's important as they go into the Christmas season. And they will be able to give you clear reasons for why everything is done the way it is around the Christmas season. This is an enjoyable look at the meaning behind Christmas and it's sure to be a wonderful film for your children that they will want to watch time and time again as the Christmas seasons come and go. Join Buck Denver, Sunday School Lady, Pirate Pete, Clive and Ian, and all of your friends as they find out the meanings behind Christmas and the significance of it all! If you're looking for a new film to give to your children this Christmas which will help them learn and grow, Buck Denver Asks Why Do We Call it Christmas? Is an excellent choice!

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