When Calls the Heart: It Begins with Heart Season 3 Vol 1 DVD

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When Calls the Heart - It Begins With Heart - Season 3 Disc 1

When Calls the Heart: It Begins With Heart is the first DVD in Season 3 of When Calls the Heart. This film continues the dramatic story of Jack Thornton and Elizabeth Thatcher and the people in Hope Valley.

Just outside Hope Valley, Jack is busying himself chopping wood. He's trying to keep his mind off the fact that just moments earlier, he saw Charles proposing to Elizabeth. She approaches him in the woods and asks about the ride he was supposed to take her on after school that day. Unfortunately, she does not know that he has just witnessed Charles' proposal and receives a cold response from Jack. He tells her what he saw, and she immediately tells him that she has no feelings for Charles and rejected his proposal. He still is not convinced of her feelings, so she boldly kisses him. Even this sure sign of affection does not soften his heart toward her, and she walks away from him.

Elizabeth, mournful, goes to Abigail's cafe to seek her advice and see what she should do about Jack. Abigail is shocked as Elizabeth describes the dramatic events that transpired between her, Jack, and Charles. Abigail comforts her and says that none of this confusion is her fault, just miscommunication on both sides. She assures her that Jack will come around with time and won't be mad at her forever. As Abigail ends her conversation with Elizabeth, she opens a cabinet to serve a pie that she put there earlier. That pie has mysteriously disappeared, and Abigail does not know where it could have gone.

Still in a terrible mood, Jack heads to the jail to check on the latest prisoner, Bill Avery. Bill pleads with Jack to hear him out and believe that he was not involved in the counterfeiting ring, but the evidence is stacked against him. Inspector Huston is arriving on the next stagecoach to bring Bill back for trial, which will determine his ultimate fate.

Meanwhile, Rosemary is making great plans for Hope Valley's New Year's celebration. Originally, the town did not have much planned, but Rosemary has other ideas. She recently won the San Francisco Chronicle's essay contest, which means that a reporter will come out to Hope Valley and write a front-page story about how the folks in town celebrate New Year's. Rosemary approaches Lee Coultier to try and get his help on putting together an extravagant celebration.

Inspector Huston's coach arrives on the Main Street, and Jack welcomes him. Huston congratulates Jack on his hard work and dedication to catching the culprit, but he explains that arresting a fellow Mountie was not easy. It hurt him very deeply to see that Bill was involved in such business. Huston tells him that there is no official date set for the trial, but Jack will be expected to testify.

Finally, Jack agrees to talk to Elizabeth and hopefully work out some of the issues in their relationship. They take a walk one night, and he explains why he was so upset. He feels that he cannot measure up to Charles, as he does not have wealth or status. The fact that Elizabeth also comes from a world of wealth makes him feel inferior and insecure. Elizabeth tells him that wealth and status are superficial and have absolutely nothing to do with her heart or the way she feels. Still, he cannot shake the insecurity that plagues him. Elizabeth decides that they should give their relationship another chance and start fresh with the New Year. They decide to take things slow and see what happens.

Elizabeth is teaching in her classroom when one of the students brings to her attention that there is a boy outside that none of them have ever seen before. Going outside to investigate, she sees that he is stealing firewood from their pile in the back. She introduces herself as the school teacher and invites him in for some cookies. However, as soon as she approaches him, he drops the wood and runs off. When school lets out, Jack drops by to carry Elizabeth's things and walk her home. While they walk, she asks him about the boy she saw outside earlier. Jack says that he probably belongs to one of the many new families in Hope Valley, and they dismiss the issue. They share a sweet kiss goodbye before he leaves.

Inspector Huston goes to visit Bill in jail, and the two men exchange harsh words. As he leans into the jail cell, Bill suddenly grabs him and slams him into the bars. Rattled and angered, Huston threatens Bill and says that he can't wait to see him rot.

As Elizabeth prepares to leave the cafe one night, she suddenly sees a little boy stealing from her. She approaches him, and he is greatly frightened. It turns out to be the same boy that Elizabeth saw outside her classroom. Instead of being angered, Abigail and Elizabeth sit him down and give him some food. His name is Cody, and he says that he has a sister named Becky. He's been stealing food for the two of them, and she is very sick at their makeshift house in the woods. Immediately, Elizabeth grabs Jack and they go to Becky, who is burning up with a terrible fever. They bring her back to Abigail's to be cared for.

Jack and Huston go to the jail later that night, and find that Bill has managed to escape his jail cell. Assuming that he is armed, they grab guns and head off into the night to find and apprehend him. When they find him, Huston grabs his gun. However, when he pulls the trigger, he points it at Jack, not Bill. He is involved in the scam and intends to bring Jack down. Fortunately, Jack suspected this treachery and gave Huston an unloaded rifle. As it turns out, Bill was never involved in the scam but was framed for his actions.

Cody and Becky are becoming quite comfortable in town, and are living with Abigail. However, Becky's health takes a turn for the worse and she must be taken to a hospital farther away. It is determined that Cody will continue to stay with Becky, who has become quite attached to him while his sister recovers.

Hope Valley celebrates New Year's with simplicity and style. They shoot off fireworks, and the whole town can't help but feel excited and happy for all the things that this New Year will bring. Jack and Elizabeth look to their future and their relationship, and ring in the New Year with a kiss.

When Calls the Heart: It Begins With Heart is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, but is considered suitable for all audiences. It is always recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children.

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