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  • Cast: Matthew Marsden, Joelle Carter, Curtis Harris, Garcelle Beauvais
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Run Time: 107 minutes

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Eyes To See

January 12, 2010. A massive earthquake shook the tiny island of Haiti. Devastation reigned. When cameraman Ray is assigned to capture the earthquake of Haiti, the last thing he expects is to become a survivor himself. When forced to make a decision between his camera and the life of a Haitian mother, however, Ray must decide what is truly important. Based on a true story comes a film of hope and humanity Eyes To See.

Behind A Camera?

News reporter and cameraman Ray (played by Matthew Marsden) had a good job. He traveled the world, saw all sorts of amazing places, and breaking news. All from behind his cameras lens. Back home, however, his life was falling apart. Consumed by his job, Ray's marriage was struggling and his little daughter Grace was beginning to question her fathers love. Ray had no time to heal the growing wounds at home, however. He had a new assignment. To capture the devastation in Haiti following the recent earthquake. Leaving his home and relationship in shambles, Ray sets out in the film Eyes To See to the equally destroyed island of Haiti. At first Ray simply does his job. Walk around, film people, talk to a few. Heart closed, brain turned off, no humanity, no compassion. When a young distraught boy comes begging the cameraman for help when he is out filming, however, Ray must make a difficult choice between doing his job and coming out from behind his consuming camera lens to help the people of Haiti.

Choosing to set down his camera in the film Eyes To See, Ray hurries off after the little boy to help rescue a Haitian mother named Marie (played by Garcelle Beauvais) who has been lying trapped underneath the heavy debris of what was once her home. When an aftershock rocks the island, however, Ray finds himself in the same situation as the Haitian woman he set down his camera to help. Now he must find the strength to survive, his own life hanging in the balance. Will he realize his own humanity, or will his fight to survive be in vain?

Humility and Humanity

One of the greatest lessons Ray learns in the film Eyes To See is that he is just as weak as those he is filming. All his life Ray has seen himself as a big tough guy, he has even let it affect his relationships and his home. After he finds himself a victim of the aftershocks of the earthquake, however, he realizes his own humanity. He begins to see that humility is just as important as strength, and that ultimately he is only as strong as his faith. The film Eyes To See is a wonderful reminder that we are all equal. All of us could be victims of poverty, it is only by the grace of God that we are who we are today, and that we should use the skills and resources he has given us to bless the less fortunate.

Based On A True Story

The moving film Eyes To See is based on the real life experiences of filmmaker David de Vos. David de Vos was shocked by the pain, heartbreak and heart wrenching circumstances the people of Haiti found themselves in following the earthquake that rocked their nation in 2010. In situations like that it is all too easy to turn a blind eye, numb your heart, walk away, stop caring. David de Vos wanted to share a message of hope. He wanted to return the humanity to a horrible situation, the compassion to a heart crushing scene. He wanted to spur people to action, instead of simply watching what was happening, as Ray does in the film Eyes To See.

Hope Outreach International

Christian films that long to share a particular message are common, but rarely do such films partner with organizations to carry out the message they wish to promote. The film Eyes To See is different. The filmmakers of the film Eyes To See partnered with the nonprofit organization Hope Outreach International to raise funds and awareness of the extreme devastation that was the result of the 2010 earthquake, and other natural disasters that have rocked Haiti since then. Hope Outreach International seeks to equip the people of Haiti in order that they can take care of their land and their people. Through developing schools, raising up leaders, organizing communities, building job skill training programs, and medical aid Hope Outreach International is dedicated to equipping the people of Haiti to help each other from education to medicine. More importantly, however, Hope Outreach International seeks to share the love of God to the Haitian people, and raise up individuals with a heart for the nations through films like Eyes To See.


The compelling and heartwarming story Eyes To See will remind you that you are only as strong as your God. It will challenge you to recognize your own humanity. It will inspire you to live a life of humility, and will encourage you to step out in faith and help those in need of healing, instead of watching God's world from behind the safety of a camera lens. The film Eyes To See is a challenge to step out from behind our safe zones, to turn off the numbing switch, and to reach out in love to those who need help, trusting in the strength of God alone. The film Eyes To See will remind viewers of all ages to cherish every moment in humility and awe.

Eyes To See has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics, issues, and scenes that may not be suitable for audiences of all ages. This film received the Family Approved reward for ages twelve and up from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Eyes To See is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences

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