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  • Cast: Rev. C.L. Bryant, Dr. Alveda King, Glenn Beck, Herman Cain
  • Director: Pritchett Cotton
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 1/14/09
  • Run Time: 113 minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English
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Runaway Slave DVD

Runaway Slave is a documentary, showcasing the economic slavery present in today's culture. It exposes the economic slavery of the black population to the Progressive policies of the U.S. Government. Comparing today's slavery to the slavery present in the 1800s, Runaway Slave is a compelling film that will inspire viewers to fight for freedom.

Baptist minister C.L. Bryant goes on a journey across America to find the answers to his questions about economic slavery. Bryant discovers that in buying into the government's "progressive" policies and accepting their mindset, they have simply traded one form of tyranny for another. This new and progressive world is actually no different from the world where the black population was enslaved.

Bryant uses black conservative leaders from all over the nation as "conductors" to form his new Underground Railroad. His goal is to liberate every single American from the Government "plantation" of Progressive thinking and free them from tyranny at last. This new form of slavery shows up in the shape of entitlements.

Americans are immersed in a welfare state, dependent on the government for handouts and their livelihood. Bryant exposes the state of dependency this enslaves Americans in. If we cannot be independent and support ourselves, then haven't we just traded one form of slavery for another?

Reverend Bryant's goal is to bring freedom to all Americans and free the population from the government's tyranny. Runaway Slave is an expository documentary designed to bring to light the problems with welfare and government dependency. Informative and compelling, this film is not one to be missed.

Reverend C.L. Bryant

Cleon Lewis Bryant was born to the late Lewis C. Bryant, a World War II veteran, and Elnola G. Bryant. He was one of the first black children to attend Lake Shore Junior High School in Shreveport. This marked the beginning of school desegregation in the late 1960s. He graduated from Fair Park High School in 1974 and went on to earn his master's degree of theology.

He was ordained as a minister and went on to serve in several church positions. His financially unstable congregation was given financial assistance from Virginia Sheehee, a philanthropist. He has his own show, The C.L. Bryant Show, in which he discusses political topics. Often featured on this show is meteorologist, Stephen Parr. His show has been loosely compared to Rush Limbaugh and Moon Griffon.

Bryant is a member of the Republican Party and the Tea Party movement. He staunchly defended these against allegations of racism, stating that neither is racist. He is known as being in conflict with other African-American leaders of the liberal party quite often, and is not afraid to voice his opinions.

He is the founder of the group "One Nation Back to God", a group dedicated to returning to its Biblical and Constitutional roots. He also produced Runaway Slave, the film dedicated to exposing the tyranny that Americans are enslaved in. Bryant has dedicated his life to bringing America freedom from the government.


Progressivism is a philosophy based on the theme of progress. It follows in the vein of Enlightenment thinking. The whole idea of Progressivism and Enlightenment is to bring people to higher knowledge, freeing them from barbaric and rudimentary conditions. The irony in this situation is that Progressivism often does the opposite.

Bryant exposes the problems with Progressivism in his detailed film, Runaway Slave. In attempting to free the American people by giving them a higher level of thinking, chains are actually being put back on the people, enslaving them once again. This form of thinking is straying from what is presented in the Constitution. Freedom is taken away from Americans when the government determines their financial situation.

Progressivism relies heavily on government handouts and the welfare program. However, when people become dependent upon this, they lose their independence and become slaves to the government once again. Just like the slaves before the Civil War, those who are immersed in the welfare program cannot earn their own living and are forced to rely on the government. This steeps them in slavery and dependency upon others once again.

In order to maintain an independent and hardworking society, the next generation must be trained up to be independent and free. If the government is babysitting everyone, those who are working hard will be forced to give all their hard-earned money to the government. This will then be given to the people on welfare, creating a cycle of dependency and not one that will be sustainable.

Runaway Slave focuses on the theme of economic slavery and exposes the problems with this kind of dependency. Not only does it focus on the problems, but it also provides solutions. Bryant explores ways to free ourselves from the tyranny of the government and become independent. It's important to be well-versed in history, because then you can realize when history is being repeated and prevent this from happening. If Americans did not know the history of slavery in the United States, they might be blind to the economical tyranny of the government and the cycle of slavery that is beginning all over again.

This film features interviews with Glenn Beck, Andrew Breitbart, Herman Cain, Christian Hartsock, Alveda King, Star Parker, Jesse Lee Petterson, Alfonzo Rachel, and Erik Rush, among others. It was directed by Pritchett Cotton and produced by C.L. Bryant. It was released on January 15th, 2013. Bryant's expository style is compelling and entertaining, leaving viewers satisfied and thirsting for more knowledge. Runaway Slave inspires Americans to explore the government and break free from the economic slavery imposed upon them. Bryant's message to Americans is this: "Run away from economic slavery. Run toward the blessings of liberty. Let us remain strong in this fight. Run away from socialism; run away from progressivism. And if you get tired, America, run harder!"

Runaway Slave is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America for thematic elements and brief language. As always, we recommend that parents review all content to determine what is suitable for their family.

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