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Gift Of The Magi

Christmas is just around the corner and while newlyweds Della and Jim might have plenty of love they certainly do not have plenty of money. As the financially challenged newlyweds struggle to come up with enough cash to buy each other the perfect Christmas gift a series of misunderstandings tear them apart. It is up to their friends to remind the couple that they already have the greatest gift-- love. From Hallmark comes a modern twist on the beloved classic story Gift Of The Magi

The Film

Della (played by Marla Sokolof) and Jim (played by Mark Webber) might be poor, but the newlywed couple is perfectly happy. After all, they have each other. When the holiday season rolls around the financially challenged couple decides not to exchange Christmas gifts. Secretly, however, they both hope to scrape together enough money to surprise the other with the perfect gift. Jim considers selling his most prized possession, while Della gets another job without Jim's knowledge. When the deceptions and secrets tie them up in a snarl of misunderstandings the couple ends up further apart. Only the holiday season can pull them out of their slump of anger and distrust, and their friends must remind them that they already have the greatest gift. They have each other. The classic Christmas story by O. Henry takes a modern twist in Hallmark's Gift Of The Magi, yet the spirit of the story and the lessons within it remain just as classic and heartwarming as ever before.


Perhaps the sweetest part of the film Gift Of The Magi is Della and Jim's selfless sacrifice to make the other happy. This sweet, sacrificial love may not end the way they were imagining, but the heart still remains the same. Viewers of all ages can learn from Della and Jim's actions. Sacrifice and selflessness are applauded, while love is highlighted as the greatest gift of all. While not explicitly a Christian film, Gift Of The Magi is filled with themes and values families can enjoy together. Viewers of all ages will be reminded that true love is often sacrificial, and the desires of others should come before our own wants. Della and Jim embody the spirit of selflessness in the wonderful film Gift Of The Magi.


Viewers can learn other lessons throughout the film Gift Of The Magi. Perhaps the most obvious would be the importance of truthfulness. While their intentions stemmed from love and a desire to make the other individual happy, their methods of bringing that about were not exactly perfect. In fact, their deceptions only ended up pulling them apart. Viewers of all ages can learn from Della and Jim in Gift Of The Magi that the truth is always the better option. Deception only results in destroyed trust, miscommunication, and unhappiness, while the truth can bring life and joy.

The Classic Christmas Story

The Hallmark film Gift Of The Magi is based on the beloved Christmas story by O. Henry by the same name. O. Henry (who was actually a man by the name of William Sydney Porter) wrote the classic story in 1905 and it was first published in The New York Sunday World. In the classic story newlyweds Jim and Della live in a postage stamp of an apartment in New York City. Between the two of them they have only two possessions in which they take pride: Della's gorgeous, flowing hair which reaches to her knees and Jim's shiny gold watch which belonged to his father and his grandfather before him. Despite her endless attempts to save enough money for a Christmas gift for Jim (whom she adores) Christmas Eve arrives and Della only has $1.87. Desperate to find a gift Della takes to the streets, where she eventually ends up selling her hair for $20. With daylight rapidly falling, and her precious locks now chopped short Della buys a gold watch chain for Jim. With eighty-seven cents in her pocket and a beautifully wrapped box in her hand Della returns home to make dinner. When Jim arrives he is shocked to see Della's hair chopped short, then reveals that he has sold his watch in order to buy a set of beautiful hair combs for Della's hair. Though the couple's gifts are now useless, they now realize that they already have the greatest gift-- their selfless love for each other. While Hallmark's film Gift Of The Magi takes a few twists on the holiday classic, the story still remains as heartwarming as ever, and O. Henry's wonderful tale of selfless love will still touch the hearts of viewers of all ages and remind them that the only gift they really need is love.


The classic holiday story takes a new turn with Hallmark's retelling of the Gift Of The Magi. From 1905 to modern times, the heart of the story still remains intact. Viewers will learn valuable lessons, such as honesty, selflessness, sacrifice, and most importantly that love is the best gift. Join Della and Jim as they struggle to find the perfect gift for each other, and learn along with them that sometimes you already have exactly what you need. Grab a cup of cocoa, settle down with your family or friends, and enjoy the classic holiday story of love, sacrifice, and a little bit of irony in this modern twist on O. Henry's beloved story Gift Of The Magi.

Gift Of The Magi has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. This film received the "Family Approved" award for ages twelve and up from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Gift Of The Magi is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.

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