An Easter Bunny Puppy - DVD

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  • Director: Mary Crawford
  • Producer: Marco Colombo
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 90 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
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An Easter Bunny Puppy

When a mystery writer is assigned to write an Easter children's book she is at her wits end. With help from her new neighbors, her daughter, and her dog, however, she might have a chance. When a valuable Easter egg is discovered in the woods, however, it appears that their might be a mystery that needs unraveling as well. An Easter Bunny Puppy, starring Kristine DeBell, Alison Sieke, and Strider Ellis, is an entertaining film the entire family can enjoy together.

Easter Eggs, Puppies, And A Mystery

Jennifer (played by Kristine DeBell) seems to have the perfect life. She has a wonderful job, a beautiful daughter, and lives on the sunny California coast. She is a talented writer as well. At least, that is, when it comes to mysteries. One day Jennifer is assigned the task of writing a children's book titled "An Easter Bunny Puppy." There is a problem, however. Jennifer knows nothing about Easter, or children's books. In fact, there is probably no one less suited to the task. To say the least, the writer from An Easter Bunny Puppy is having a bit of a crisis.

Thankfully, Jennifer has a puppy-- an adorable Corgi by the name of Russ (who incidentally also narrates the story in An Easter Bunny Puppy, he is voiced by Strider Ellis). With her puppy and her teenage daughter Lucy (played by Alison Sieke) by her side, Jennifer sets off to discover everything about Easter-- the immersion method so to speak.

From painting Easter eggs, eating jelly beans, and reading piles of library books Jennifer stops at nothing in her research. She even dresses Lucy up in a bunny costume and has her bouncing around her house. . .just when the new neighbors come knocking on the door. Now these neighbors happen to have a charming teenage boy named Jake (played by August Roads) who Lucy might have a tiny crush on. Naturally Lucy from An Easter Bunny Puppy is a tiny bit mortified, but Jake and his mother might be just the answer Jennifer is looking for.

When the new neighbors invite Jennifer and Lucy to the annual Easter egg hunt up by their mountain cabin, the duo immediately jump at the chance-- Jennifer for "research"ÌÎ_̴Ìà? and Lucy. . .well lets just say she is looking for an opportunity to redeem herself in Jake's eyes. While the trip gets off to a great start, things start to go down hill rapidly after that. A few "little white lies" from Lucy might have ruined her chances to find a friend in Jake, and a few secrets of his own might stand between the families as well. When the beloved puppy Russ discovers a valuable Faberge egg in the forest, however, the families must band together to solve the mystery before their beloved puppy is discovered by the thieves.

A heartwarming story of family and friendship An Easter Bunny Puppy will entertain viewers of all ages.


Besides being a lighthearted, funny film, An Easter Bunny Puppy teaches some valuable lessons. The most important of these is honesty. When Lucy invents a story about her nonexistent twin sister more than a little bit of confusion and miscommunication occurs between Jake, herself, and her mother Jennifer. What Lucy ultimately discovers in An Easter Bunny Puppy, however, is that deception gets you no where. Only when Lucy is honest and herself with Jake, does their friendship thrive, and the same is true for Lucy's relationship with her mom. From Lucy, viewers of all ages will learn that honesty is key to any relationship. When Jake decides to be honest with Lucy the two become closer, their trust for each other is stronger. Like Lucy's lesson, Jake discovers in An Easter Bunny Puppy that honesty strengthens rather than destroys a relationship. The two also learn that being yourself with someone-- in other words being honest about your personality-- is the best thing to do. From Russ' tangle with some jewel thieves, the entire cast (and viewers as well) learn that theft never pays, and that honesty of character will take you further in life than dishonesty, deception, and deceit.

A Lighthearted Film

A lighthearted family friendly film An Easter Bunny Puppy will delight viewers of all ages, while teaching important lessons along the way. Whether paining Easter eggs, eating jelly beans, or bouncing around in bunny suits Jennifer is a wonderful reminder to work hard with all our hearts at everything we do. From lies to jewel thieves An Easter Bunny Puppy reminds viewers of all ages that honesty in words, honesty in personality, and honesty in action is the best choice in life. Whether building relationships, or building careers honesty and integrity build trust, friendships, and opportunities that deceit, deception, and dishonesty only tear apart. Join the lovable Corgi puppy Russ as he narrates the fun and unique story of Jennifer an author who seems to find mystery around every corner, her funky daughter Lucy, and their charming new neighbors as they learn and laugh their way through life.

An Easter Bunny Puppy has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America. As always, it is recommend that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film An Easter Bunny Puppy is generally considered appropriate for most audiences.

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